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Blowing Sand can be extremely abrasive and can deteriorate paint, protective coatings, windows, plastics and labels on vehicles and components. Gears, rotors, and seals can be damaged by sand as well as jet engines and turbines.

Dust has a nasty habit of getting into areas of your product that can be detrimental to its operation. Circuit boards, relays, moving parts and equipment with air intakes, filters and fluid reservoirs can all be adversely affected when exposed to blowing dust.

At E-Labs, we can create adverse conditions to mimic situations such as the air blast from helicopter rotor blades in a desert or an Arizona dust storm. MIL-STD environmental testing is performed inside our facility using 2 separate sand and dust chambers, and we also offer an outdoor setup for items as large as a pickup truck. The outdoor facility is capable of producing wind speeds in excess of 200 mph.







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